Mobile Bath Chair Lift

If you have been bedridden at a point in your life, then you understand the mobile bath chair lift concept. Sometimes you are not in a position to get up and take a shower like everybody else does – while standing.

However, the mobile bath chair lift is not only for the sick. The elderly, who are too frail to be on their feet while in the bathroom, can use the mobile bath chair lift for elderly. Sometimes, perhaps you are just feeling too lazy and want to have your shower while seated!
The bath chair lift comes in different shapes and sizes. However, what stands out is the rigid backrest that is meant to provide support.

Most mobile bath chair lifts have a weight capacity of between 300 pounds and 375 pounds.

What to Look Out For in a Mobile Bath Chair Lift.

Prices and Features
The mobile bath chair lift body may come in different colors, depending on your preference. Most companies like to keep them bright-colored, in minimal styles that would fit right into your bathroom decor. Whether blue, white, ivory, green, or blue, the bath chair lift will somehow make you forget the reason you needed it in the first place.

For something that is so crucial to the welfare of someone in need, the bath chair lift must be expensive, right? Not quite. Many manufacturers have attempted to have different modules come at various prices. They may range between $499 and $3,800. These costs may be paid in installments if that is what your pocket allows you to do.

A good bath chair lift has some of the features outlined below:
• Padded seat
• Watertight
• Foldable
• Lightweight
• Suction cup feet
• Non-reclining